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BMSS is a Python package designed to support the whole workflow of model selection process through providing a suite of model ranking and analysis features. A unique feature of BMSS is to allow users to perform automated model selection from a library of models, saving time and efforts in the development of models. BMSS provides databases of models to enable easy reuse of the pre-developed models and to facilitate reproducibility. BMSS has two databases; UBase which is empty upon installation to be used locally by users; MBase which comes with pre-formulated models from our team. Each database contains two tables:

(i) core models table which specifies key aspects such as states, parameters and equations;

(ii) settings table which specifies implementation details required for a particular simulation analysis.

To find the models currently available in MBase, type the keywords of your interest in the search field below. The corresponding settings can be accessed from the last column of the table. To download or learn more about BMSS, click this link (